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R.J.S. Racing Equipment Inc. is a manufacturer and seller of safety equipment for all types of motor racing. Most of our branded products are manufactured right here in Michigan, in the U.S.A. We are also an authorized Bell Helmet dealer.


R.J.S. is dedicated to bringing high-quality items to our customers at an economical cost, with the personal service and care of a small business.


All R.J.S. Racing Equipment meets or exceeds current Racing Association Specifications and Regulations specifically SFI 16.1, 3.2A/1/5/10/15/20, SFI 3.3/1/5/20, 4.1, 27.1, etc. We are a member of PRI and SEMA.


We are a manufacturer and sell largely to distributors, but we sell to individuals as well. Our customers are involved in all types of auto sports and safety industries, such as drag racing, stock car racing, go-kart racing, quarter midget racing, monster truck, off-road & buggies, boat racing, demolition, stunt work and movie props, law enforcement, fire and rescue, government, military, driving training, auto manufacturing, and automobile testing. Aside from our distributors, our larger customers include Ford, Roush, Chrysler, TRW, and the FBI.



We get a number of letters from our customers to thank us and say that our products most certainly saved their lives in a crash. We deeply appreciate hearing from these customers and knowing that our work has made a real difference in someone's life. Our larger customers and those that we sponsor also write us frequently to thank us, and we find this to be the greatest award for our work. 

Letters of thanks and recognition:

Thanks for all your support and help on making me look good.
-Kale Asztalos 

To: RJS and all the great people who work there, thanks for all your support.
-Avenger '02, Jim Koeller 

Thanks, you help made it happen!

Thank you for helping make our "5th" year the best in IHRA history. Without your support, strength, and loyalty, it would not have been possible.
-Bill, IHRA 

In appreciation of your support.
-Milan Dragway 



Thanks for everything. You guys are great and make some awesome racing suits.
-Avenger '02, Jim Koeller 

Thank you and R.J.S. for the help.
-Sgt. Ron Kirtley 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Michigan recognizes R.J.S. Racing Equipment, Inc. for their outstanding contribution to making wishes come true!
Thank you for helping us share the power of a wish. 

Thanks for your support.
-Animal Jim 

Thank you for designing and building first class components for our sport. I am proud to showcase and also sell your products. When my customers see me successfully using the very same parts and services I sell to them it inspires confidence in them and is a win-win situation for all of us. Thanx again!

Sincerely, Jim 


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